Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Eighth Birthday!!

It hardly seems like yesterday that we flew our little newborn baby boy Craig from Indiana to Utah to have him blessed near his family. Now, eight years later, the little guy is old enough to be baptized!

Craig was excited to have all of his grandparents in Folsom for his baptism. The Sacramento Temple is on the same property as the chapel Craig was baptized in, so we took advantage of the opportunity to get a family picture in front of it.

Here is our little family in front of the baptism font. Before Craig was baptized he had an interview with our bishop. We taught Craig that when you are baptized all of your sins are washed away. So, Craig naturally wondered what happened to the sins after they were washed away. Do they stay in the water? Do they get stuck onto others if they go into the water? Can you see them or hear them? At least we know he's thinking about these things.

Jennifer's mom, RaNae, stayed a few extra days to help us out with Craig's birthday party. As always, Jennifer put on an awesome gathering! This year the theme was "Mad Scientist".

So, Jennifer got out her science book and made some bubbly potions to help set the mood.

She also knew that each guest would need to dress the part, so she got lab coats, safety goggles and (of course) bow ties for everyone who came.

Here is our little mad scientist, complete with a bowtie! You know, Thomas Edison always wore a bowtie, and he holds more patents than anyone else in U.S. history to this day. So, you can't be a scientist without a bowtie!

Here's Jennifer's cake, cleverly disguised as a smoking beaker of green gloop! It was choclate, just in case you're wondering.

Jennifer came up with a bunch of really fun science activities for everyone. This is all of our science team making lava lamps using water bottles, oil, water, food coloring, and alka seltzer tablets!

The hit of the part were self-inflating balloons! Mix baking powder with white vineager (acetic acid) and you get a ton of carbon dioxide - which will inflate a balloon! Cool!

After each experiement, the scientists would record the results in their journals. It was an awesome birthday party and an awesome week of celebration! Jennifer out-did herself yet again!