Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a Wild Month We've Had - Part 2

Welcome to Malaysia!
With 9 pieces of checked luggage and 6 carry-on's, 30 hours of travel time and 3 plane changes we arrived in Penang on Friday, July 9th! But here we are - isn't Malaysia beautiful? We'll tell you more about this gorgeous waterfall in Bukit Hijau in another post.Lucky for us, Uncle Russ ignited a love of anything Kung Fu Panda - and so Craig's first meal here was a real treat! He sat down at the restaurant around the corner from our building and knew just what to order: Secret Ingredient Soup! My normally fussy eater was only too delighted to eat something straight from Kung Fu Panda. There certainly were some secret ingredients, mainly squid and shrimp that he gobbled up like they were his favorite foods! He eventually switched to using a fork instead of the chopsticks, but isn't he cute for trying?

Here's a picture of the front of the building, "Gurney Beach," that we're now living in. We're on the 17th floor. We live on Gurney Drive (or Persiaran Gurney in Malay) - it's well known for it's restaurants that line one side of the Drive. We've had a lot of fun exploring the restaurants - it's actually much less expensive to eat out than to cook! I was given a nice suprise one day of a whole octopus in my otherwise nice breakfast. I couldn't stand to look at it, so I ate it. Brent thinks I'm crazy and I maintain that I made the right decision. But I will not order that dish again! Here is the other side of Gurney Drive, we're right up against the ocean! We watch people fish right from the rocks all the time - and even see restaurant owners go out and catch fish to be served!Here is one of my favorite parts of our apartment! I love the Chinese metal grate that opens up to our new home! We've adopted the custom of removing our shoes before entering the apartment.

And here's the best thing about our apartment - the view! I'd show a little more of our living space, but it's currently a work-in-progress! I'm hoping to make a few changes to it and to shift the little furniture we have into a comfortable living space.
Here we are! We're happy to be here and having such a great time! We've already done and seen so much that I can't believe what has happened in this last month, but we'll get to blogging about it little by little. Hopefully one day I can show you how our feet were all literally eaten by fish!


  1. Looks absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see the inside. You are such a wonderful decorator, I can imagine that it will look stunning!

  2. I don't have much to work with here! There is very little furniture!!

  3. You guys look great! I am so happy that you are having a good beginning there. I will be checking back regularly. Hearts to your family.

  4. Yea! So glad to hear from you. Every time we pass you house Trenton sheds a couple of tears about Craig. Malaysia looks beautiful! And good for you for eating the Octopus!

  5. I love these pictures! Looks like tropical paradise. You are so clever and crafty, I'm sure you'll be able to decorate it up in now time! I wish I had your skills! You need to come home and decorate my nursery :)