Thursday, October 14, 2010

An outing with the Luscious Ladies of Penang in Shades of Pink!

As promised to my sister, Elizabeth and mother! Pictures of the International Women's Association (IWA, for short) event of the season! The Luscious Ladies of Penang in Shades of Pink Event (I did not make the name up!) This was a charity event to raise money for breast cancer here in Penang. It was held at the E&O, one of the oldest and definitely most famous hotels on the Island. We were told to dress in pink (my kind of function!) and come for a wonderful breakfast and lots of fun! I will have to blog about where I went for my pink outfit later, it's the best store I've ever been to, called Sam's Batik House. Above are some of my favorite ladies in Penang! Mary from Scotland, Kay Lyn from Utah, Me!, Nina from Oregon, Sarah from Arizona and Christine from New Zealand. Below is our table at in the E&O's ballroom. Ladies from Denmark, Germany, the US, Beligium, New Zealand were all together! Most of these are mums from Craig's school.
The organizer of this event is in the pink chef's hat (with blonde hair). She is the head of Penang's Food Friends Club (which I'm a part of!) and her name is Maggie. She is from Ireland and knows how to throw a great party! She had the head chef of the hotel on the stage teaching us how to decorate cupcakes.
After our cupcake fun as well as a wonderful buffet breakfast we were treated to a fashion show! The models are members of the IWA and they are modeling clothing from Designers that are based in Penang.
Here is the fashion show finale - lots of fun and sparkles!!
As you may have heard, I have been having the best time here in Penang!! I love this place! There are a couple ladies that I explore my new home with on a practically daily basis! They moved here within a month of our family and we all live on the same street and our kids go to the same school, which means we have some free time to explore this great place! Sarah, Nina and myself can't go to charity events at fancy ballrooms every week, but we manage to have fun! Here's another little outing of ours! This is another one of my favorite streets (very close to Chulia!) which is also considered part of chinatown. This street is called Campbell Street. There is so much to see and do and eat down this street! Nina's daughter was home with a cold, so she got to explore with us! Sarah is snapping the photo, but you can see her in the Luscious Ladies photos.
Here is another famous eatery in Penang. While it might tbe quite as fancy as the E&O, my friends and I want to try all the local hot spots! This is called the Toh Soon Cafe, and it's conviently located in an alley (literally!) off of Campbell street, right where we were shopping.
This place is famous for its bread, and most of all for it's toast with Kaya. Here is a shot of the kitchen. It's very trendy in it's open kitchen concept!
Here's a close up of the cook making our toast. This place is so well-known because it's one of the few places that still toasts the bread over charcoals. The charcoal is in a oil drum that has a cutout to slide the toast in.
And here's my delicious breakfast! The toast is spread with kaya, which is a local delight. It's a coconut spread that is in between a butter and a jam and it's delicious!! My drink (don't judge me, they didn't have diet coke!) and my toast cost me 3 ringitt, which is $1.00.
So what else have we done on Campbell Street lately? Let Brent and Craig show you, I don't want to hog this blog! Last weekend we participated in a walk-a-thon called Into the Light. Here's a picture of Brent and Craig walking down Campbell Street. Brent was asked to come up with a slogan for the cause and carry the sign. Glad it was him and not me!! You might want to click on the picture to get a close-up version of the sign he carried through the streets of Penang. We are good friends with the organizer of the event and the gym I go to sponsored it, so it was fun to walk around historic Penang with friends!
For those of you who look at this blog just to see Craig (grandparents!) here's one last shot. What a cutie!!
We are off to Borneo for a few days! We'll show you more of this great place when we get back!


  1. Thanks for posting pictures! It's about time :) Love seeing your exciting life!

  2. Great pictures. I am glad to know that Mental Illness is treatable.