Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween in Malaysia!

I know it's late, but Happy Halloween! You didn't think I'd go a year without one, did you?! Craig wanted to be Mickey Mouse the Sorcerer, which was a little difficult to do, seeing as there are no costume stores here. But we figured it out, and isn't he a cutie?! Craig's school has a Halloween Disco every year, and the PTC (PTA) asked the American mums to decorate cupcakes to sell at the disco. They said that only Americans can do cupcakes, and we didn't want to disappoint! So the morning of the disco the 5 American mums (helped out by a couple local ladies and a lady from Belgium) got together and decorated 270 cupcakes!! It actually only took us 3 hours to get them all done! Here we are with some of our cupcakes that were stored in an office in the school.
And here they are on sale. We got them all sold! Everyone was so impressed that we were able to color the frosting! They kept asking us our secret.
Here are Craig and I just before going to the Halloween Disco. I wouldn't feel right about not dressing up on Halloween, but Brent says he doesn't need to. Let's just read the rest of this post to see if you believe he doesn't need to dress up. He did get away with not wearing a costume to the disco, however.
Here is Craig at the disco with one of his favorite classmates, Navid. He is from Iran, and they are such cute playmates! They both enjoyed running around the dance floor together.
Craig decided to bust some serious moves, and got really into break dancing! I don't know where he picked break dancing up, but he looks like he knows what he's doing!
Trick-or-treaing isn't really done in Malaysia, but we didn't want let that stop us! We had a halloween party at our house with the Wilsons and Kellys, the two other American families that moved here with us and a German family that lives in our building. Craig couldn't wait for them to come! I think he stood in the doorway for an hour he was so excited!
After a dinner of chili and corn bread (you have no idea how hard it was to find those ingredients!) the kids played for a bit while the adults got ready to simulate trick-or-treating. This was a bit complicated! We had to phone ahead to make sure we could come, as well as deliver candy before the trick-or-treating started since this isn't a normal custom here. It was worth it, though! We didn't want the kids to feel like they'd missed out on anything while being away. So while we delivered candy and set-up trick-or-treat stations the kids went a little crazy in Craig's room!
Instead of walking around the block the way we do at home, we piled kids in the elevator and went to different floors. There was a lot of energy in that elevator!!
Our first stop was at Annika's house! She is our German friend that came to the party with her kids, but while the kids played she snuck back up to her apartment to hand out candy.
Our next stop was to some of Craig's favorite people! The Rutherfords are our good friends, and more than happy to have us stop by! Mr. Rutherford is the conductor of the Penang State Symphony Chorus and Mrs. Rutherford is a wonderful lady. So they make me feel quite at home! They dote on Craig and he just eats it up!!
The next stops were a little trickier! Our American friends don't live in the building so we had them stand at different doors in the lobby of our building and the kids could knock on them to get candy. They moms just had to wait outside until the kids knocked! A little backwards, but it worked! Here is Sarah's station.
Here is Nina's station.
And then on to the security guard, who was a great sport! He didn't quite understand why we'd give him candy to give to our kids. He thought it would have been easier for us to just give the candy out ourselves, but he played along!
Just so that the kids could have a few more stops we had one dad stand in the stairwell of our floor so that the kids could knock on another door.
And the last stop was back at our apartment!
Here is our happy trick-or-treating crew! They didn't seem to notice that not all the door were attached to houses! Their bags had candy in them, and that was enough to make them happy! Coincidentally, here is Brent, later that same night. He's receiving a prize for the being the best-dressed male. This is an Bollywood party, and he is wearing a Punjabe suit. This is typical clothing that is worn during Depavali, which is going on right now in Malaysia!
We'll have more on Depavali soon! Craig is going to dress up in an outfit similar to his dad's for school tomorrow! I even get to wear one since I get to help out for the Depavali party! More to come soon!


  1. can i ask where you got the mickey mouse costume. we have the hat, but i can't find the costume anywhere. when i googled it, you're post popped up. if this is creepy...ignore me;) but my three year old is dying to be mickey the sorcerer, and i don't know what to do! help?