Monday, June 27, 2011

Craig's First Missing Tooth

In March of this year, Craig got his first loose tooth. It fell out a few days later. Here is Mr. Craig, with one missing front tooth.

Well, we were all very excited to see if the tooth fairy visits Malaysia. So, we gave it a try. Craig completed the necessary step of putting his tooth underneath his pillow before going to bed that night.

The next step, of course, is to wait until morning to see if there was a fairy visitor during the night. But, what would that fairy bring? Would it be U.S. dollars, or Malaysian Ringitt? What exchange rate is used? How much does a tooth fetch these days? Is the price adjusted for inflation?

All of these questions were answered the next morning when one tired little boy took a look underneath his pillow to find a crisp 10 ringitt bill!

Eventually the sleepiness was replaced with excitement! It turns out that the tooth fairy does in fact visit Malaysia and pays for lost teeth in local currency! Who knew that the tooth fairy had gone global?

What a cute boy!!


  1. How much is 10 Ringitt (or whatever) in US dollars? He looks so grown up!

  2. And what a cute tooth! :)

  3. Haha! Tooth fairy gone global, huh? She even has foreign money! Of course, she's a fairy! She has fairy powers. Haha! Craig would definitely repeat that just to earn money. However, the tooth fairy must be careful. She might wake up the little boy.