Sunday, August 7, 2011


We got a chance to celebrate the 24th of July while we were visiting Salt Lake City. The 24th of July is Pioneer day in Utah, which recognizes the settling of Utah by the Mormon Pioneers. We celebrate in style - with fireworks!

We lit off some sparklers and small fountains at Grandma Julene's house. Here's Craig waiving around a sparkler.

Here is Craig with Grandma Julene lighting some more sparklers!

We also lit some fireworks at Grandma Jessop's house with Craig's cousins. Here is Craig with his cowboy hat.

Here is little Joshua with his sparklers.

Here is James with is shiny new magic wand!

Here is Nathan, casually showing how cool he is standing with a hot burning stick in his hand.

Here is Ben, the oldest. Ben figured out how to make really cool exposures with his sparklers!

We had a great time with fireworks!!

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