Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Craig!

Craig celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago! He's now the ripe old age of seven. Like every other seven-year-old, he is an Angry Birds fan, so he asked for an Angry Birds party at an indoor park on the beach!

Craig and his friends got to climb and slide all over the place for a few hours!

"Look Mom! No hands!"

Even some of the adults joined in the fun!

Of course, no Angry Birds birthday would be complete without a birthday cake in the shape of one of the characters. This is the new "orange bird", which is Craig's favorite angry bird.

We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Craig,

And then he blew out the candles!!

Here is Craig hanging out with some of his friends. They had a great time!

Craig's actual birthday was a school day, so his mum brought Angry Birds cupcakes! They all sang Happy Birthday with their cute British accents!

Here is Craig with one of his classmates. He had a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy birthday Craig!!


  1. Hi Jen,
    Please tell Craig that I am also a huge Angry Birds fan and that maybe be and I should have a game sometime along on Facebook! My favorite is Bomb Bird! I LOVE him! (although Goofy Orange Bird is pretty useful sometimes!)
    I love reading about your amazing adventures. Keep sharing!
    peggy (shadel)

  2. Hi Peggy!!
    I am glad you enjoy it! I don't know how to have a game on facebook - how do you do it?