Sunday, March 11, 2012

Humans versus Geekoids

Greetings Earthlings! I am Vendar, the leader of the Geekoids! I've taken over this blog to tell you of the injustice we've suffered at the hands of the Troopies and their earthling allies! You terrestrial dwellers may have recently seen the performance of "Out of This World" at the St. Christopher's International Primary School, which detailed the interaction of the noble Geekoids with aliens from planet Earth. Well, if you have, then I'm here to set the record straight, and remove the general bias against the hostile takeover of your planet by the Geekoids.

Here is one of your own dressed as a Geekoid. In my opinion, he bears a nice representation of an actual Geekoid. Isn't he cute? Of course, we Geekoids don't have teeth, but I do find the missing front tooth on this earthling to be endearing! As you can see from this Geekoid costume, Geekoids are a very advanced race. We have spaceships that do not run on so-called fossil fuels. We wear very clean sparkly spacesuits. And, we have colorful antennas.

Yes, here is the opening sequence of the so-called performance which slandered the good name of Geekoids throughout the galaxy. All of the little earth children worked for weeks to learn their musical numbers and their speaking lines. They performed one evening at a local university auditorium. I consider myself a student of alien culture, and I must say that this particular performance from year 2 students (first graders in the USA) far exceeded performances from may productions put on by teenagers in secondary school (high school).

Here is a picture of the earthlings as "space explorers". They, along with the help of their robot, Zap-10, flew a rocket to another planet.

Here is a closer look at Zap-10. Earthlings are quite ingenious, creating a mobile computer that can interact with others just like an intelligent life form. This robot exhibited suprisingly human characteristics, and I believe is friends with the cute little human-dressed-as-Geekoid in real life.

Troopies are a primitive race. We took over their planet so that we could use their natural resources more productively -- namely, to support ourselves. We take all the fresh water, air, and other good things and use it to support Geekoids. Unfortunately, we've almost used up all of the natural resources, so it's time for us to leave for another planet. This time, we want to come to planet Earth. You don't mind sharing, do you?

The little earthlings performed extremely well. They all had a chance to sing. Many of the songs had a choreographed dance to go along with them. As I mentioned before, they did a fantastic job, even if they only reprsented one side of the story.

Troopies had never really given us much trouble, but you earthlings, well that's a different matter. You tried to out-wit us, and capture one of our Geekoids and hold her for ransom! Well, we Geekoids couldn't allow that to happen!

So, we retaliated, and captured one of your earthling space explorers. Here are the guards pictured above!

From this video, you can tell that our guards, though powerful, are not "inhumane" (as you earthlings would say). Have I mentioned how cute Geekoids are?

So, while we were justly arranging for a way to exchange your earthling for our Geekoid companion, the cunning group of space explorers re-programmed our navigational computers to take us far, far away from Earth! Can you not see the great injustice we've suffered at the hands of there earthlings? We Geekoids are so cute!

Here is further proof of how cute we are! We can dance just like the little humanoids above!!

We implore all who read this blog to stand up for the injustice done to the Geekoids! All we wanted to do was take all of your resources! Now, we are doomed to wander the galaxy using a navigational system that was unjustly tampered with by your space explorers.

Aren't we Geekoids cute? This program, while fabulously executed, showed the human race as the heroes, and the poor Geekoids as villains. But how can a villain be so cute?


  1. So adorable!!! But one question ... why did the cute geekoid have to wear a purple feathered star hat, instead of a blue one that other geekoids wore? I have to admit that made me giggle! A picture for future blackmail, that's for sure :)

  2. Lol, I don't know why he got purple. There was a healthy mix of purple and blue Geekoids, however. He was excited for the costume. Maybe when he's a teenager he won't be so excited...