Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ending with a Bang!

Seen this cute cowboy before?  Here Craig is, all dressed up to represent his home country on the last day of school at St. Christopher's International Primary School.  This isn't the last day of term, but Craig's last day as we are moving back to the U.S.A.  We have LOVED living here for 2 years, and are sad it has to end.  But we did end our time here with a bang!  Today the Olympics were celebrated at SCIPS! 

Craig is standing in front of the school with the school Principal, Mr. Jones.  Mr. Jones stands outside of the school every day, rain or shine to greet the students as they arrive at school.  He knows every single child's name - all 575!  As you can see, Mr. Jones is from Wales!
The Olympic Celebration began with a paradeof countries! The school had a flag for every country represented at the school (I think close to 40!) and every child walked with the flag of his or her country wearing something to represent their homeland. It was a truly impressive sight!

United States of America!  We had some very good representatives!

Of Course Cowboys,  Mickey Mouse and Uncle Sams!
I love how we ended with Abraham Lincoln and the Statue of Liberty!
This was truly an impressive parade!  All done to Olympic Music - such a festive atmosphere!
The students gathered with their fellow countrymen and  to line up on the field with all the flags.

But the celebration didn't end there. Each classroom represented a different country and the children were given some time to tour each class and sample food from the country, play games and experience a little bit of the difference countries. The school also allowed the parents to accompany their children. But when that was over, we had a little bit more celebrating to do!
Here is Craig, in his classroom.  They are looking at a world map to see where Craig will be moving next.  California seems like a long ways away from Malaysia!
We are so sad to leave such a wonderful school, but more than anything grateful that we were able to be a part of it for 2 years!  Craig has blossomed and is such a happy, well rounded 7 year old!  We had everyone's favorite treat, cupcakes to celebrate his time at SCIPS!  Thanks for a wonderful 2 years! 
(Craig and one of his favorite people, Miss Martinez, Head of Early Years)

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