Sunday, June 16, 2013

Incredible Walt Disney World Adventure

This past February we got to go to Disney World with Jennifer's parents and her brother's family! Yes, we are the Incredibles. And yes, we have super powers. Want to know what they are? Well, keep reading!

This is Josh. He is the youngest Incredible. His super power is being thoroughly unimpressed with his Aunt Jennifer's attempts at becoming his favorite aunt.

This is Nathan. He is a master of disguise! While at the Epcot World Showcase you couldn't tell him from a regular sombrero wearing tourist in Mexico! Incredible!

This is Ben and his dad. Ben's super power is helping everyone have a good time - especially when riding the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster!

This is James. As you can see, James knows how to ride a speeder through a giant sequoia forest while evading Imperial Storm Troopers. Awesome!

This is Craig. As you can see, he possesses ghosting powers! Creepy!

And he taught them to Nathan!

Here's Grandma with her boys. She is incredible with little boys! She just gets them! This is why she has eight grandsons and no granddaughters (yet).

This is Uncle Aaron. He is master of consuming apple juice at the German Hofbrauhaus in a manner that may suggest it is something other than apple juice.

This is Aunt Leticia. Her superpower is mastery of traveling with five boys all around the country. Think of her as a human troop transport.

Jemmer is master of fun, like making everyone in the family an Incredibles t-shirt to wear to Disney World.

This is Grandpa, who is the best at getting everyone to Disney World every other year for a fantastic vacation! Thanks Grandpa!!

What a fun vacation!

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