Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bukit Hijau

During our first weekend here, we followed another U.S. family accross the bridge to a national park called Bukit Hijau, which means "green hill". It's a series of waterfalls cascading through the jungle. It was really beautiful and really wet.

We hiked to three waterfalls. Jennifer and Craig sat next to the first one, which was surrounded by giant toadstools. No, these aren't real toadstools, they are made of concrete, but they're pretty cool anyway. The bridge that spanned the river was coated with vegetation on the underside. We found that if an object didn't have moving water on it, it had something growing.

All along the way were multiple picnic areas. Craig and I stopped here for a quick break.Most of the areas were made of concrete shaped like some naturally occuring object. In the shot above you can see the tables are shaded by more toadstools.

Each waterfall had some swimmers. There are two hazaards for swimming in the waters. First, you might get pulled in by the undertoe. Second, you might get a leech. We didn't do any swimming. The water was really warm, though.

Craig was a real trooper! The trail led up and down the side of the mountain with lots of steps, slippery rocks, and even washed out paths. He didn't complain once, and had a great time. He thought the whole thing was very "kung fu-ey".

Here we are at the end of the trail. The waterfall in the background was about 50 feet tall. We ate lunch nearby (thanks Subway), had a break, and then trekked back down to our car just before it started raining.
Below is another view of the same waterfall. It was really pretty!

We made it there an back with no incidents. We are safe, happy, and having a great time. Check back soon for more from Malaysia!


  1. Looks beautiful! I would also be afraid to swim with leeches... yuck! Glad you guys are exploring and having a great time!

  2. It is so great to see you three. This is a great idea.