Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Fish That Ate Our Feet!

Take a look at our fun new hangout at our closest mall, (a 10 minute walk from our apartment) Gurney Plaza! Just a nice place to relax, read some magazines and have some family fun. So why am I smiling like a crazy person? Take a look at my feet dipped into a cool pool of water! Can you guess what I'm really doing?
Here's a closer look - I'm being eaten alive by a whole school of fish! Aren't they huge?! This is a very traditional "therapy" here in Penang. The fish are called "Dr. Fish," and they help keep your feet nice a soft by eating all the dead skin from your feet - or anything else you dip into the water, they have a full body submersion tank too!
Here's a look at Brent and Craig. Take a real close look at Brent's smile. He's gritting his teeth because the smaller fish actually tickle like crazy, but he didn't want to try the big fish. They're a bit more sharp. But look at Craig - he's actually enjoying it! He has lots of nurses to love in our extended family and so he kept insisting that some of the "Dr. Fish," were actually "Nurse Fish." His favorite thing to do was to spread his little toes so that the fish would get up in between them. Quite the little adventurer!
Here's a nice shot of the feet of our family. Unfortunately, with three of us using the same pool of water the fish had to spread out amongst 6 feet, so I went back to the big fish!
And here is one more shot of Craig, he loved it so much he went back! You never know what's going to please our little mister!
We're having so much fun here in Penang! We're smack in the middle of Ramadhan for the Muslims and the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts for the Chinese! It's a wonderful mix of people and cultures and we're trying to see all that we can. We'll update you soon about all the festivities going on in our new neighborhood!


  1. Wow - You guys are brave! I would be so afraid of those "Dr. Fish". The only thing I don't get is ... Why is it that Craigy screams when he sees a dog/cat/furry animal, but when fish are EATING his feet he smiles and giggles??? :) I miss that cute kid!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. You know, you have to return to Laveen! Your blog will keep us missing you, Brent, and Craig.

  3. That is so cool. Much more adventurous than using a pumic stone. But, wait a minute, weren't you the one who did not want to touch the feed fish at the zoo? Glad you are having a great time We miss all of you!

  4. Too cool. I'm thinking the massage efforts must feel pretty good too.

  5. I saw this a few days ago and I can't get it off my mind - I can't decide if it's cool or creepy!
    Glad you're having fun!!

  6. I'm not sure if I could go for fish biting my toes. But getting my feet super soft and smooth does sound appealing! I loved your waterfall pics--it is so beautiful there!

  7. I'm loving your blog....I'm jealous of all the wonderful experiences you are having!