Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Identity Crisis of a 6 Year Old!

Craig's school is always thinking of ways to make learning fun! They are following the British international primary school curriculum, and this term they are focusing some of their learning on circuses. The reason is that most countries have some form of circus, so they can discuss the similiarities and differences of the circuses in the host country, home country and the home countries of their classmates. I think it's great that Craig is exposed to different countries and I also love that they don't want him to lose a connection to his home country. Sometimes this creates a bit of an identity crisis, but it's a cute one! We put on a circus for all the year-1 students and they were encouraged to dress up as a circus character. Craig decided to be a magician, and here he is, on his way into the circus!
Here are the year-1 class moms, who decorated the hall like a circus and had to come dressed as clowns (and 1 gypsy!). See if you can find me!
Here is Craig, with his best friend Navid. They are enjoying universal circus foods, popcorn and juice. They had to figure out how to pay for the food all by themselves. And since they were using British coins, I wouldn't have been much help, anyway! Look at Craig's hat! He has a rabbit jumping out of it! I am very glad my brother, Aaron came to visit just in time to bring Craig his costume!
Here are Craig and I! Craig thought his costume was pretty magical! It had disappearing cards in it and everything! Disappearing in that when he put the cape down you couldn't see them.
Craig got choosen to go up and help the clown that came to put on the show! He was very excited and decided that being a magician was pretty fun!
So after school, Craig decided to be a magician for the rest of the day. Here he is, showing off his stuff at our salon (Uncle Aaron, Aunt Leticia and Uncle Chris wanted to try our awesome stylist)! Craig loves to be a magician and has since gone out several times in his gear.
So far, Craig is loving the focus on circuses. But we also needed an outfit to help him identify with his home country, which he'll wear later in the term. My mom hooked him up with a real "American" outfit, and he is just loving it. Before it got here, the only thing I could find was a superman pajama set, which he loves. But now, he's married the two, and is often seen wearing this cute little getup all over town!

So here he is, the all-American cowboy/superman!

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  1. Ha ha!!! I love how he combined superman and a cowboy :-) so cute!!!!! Miss you guys!