Friday, May 6, 2011

Argh! Happy Birthday Craig

Craig turned six years old on February 8th this year. I realize that it's closer to May 8th, but we thought we should fill you all in on the details anyway.

Argh! We be livin' in the Strait of Malacca (or Melaka, as the locals be namin' it). These waters are bein' patrolled by Pirates, even today! Argh! Then it be only right that Captain Craig celebrate his 6th birthday with his fellow pirate scallywags! Here be Captain Craig with all of his pirate crew! Aye, the crew's names are Erin, Ethan, Isabelle, Katie, Lauren, Willa, and Liam!

There be the birthday boy in the middle with his captain's hat. The cake be fashioned out of chocolate and made to look like HMS Pinnefor. Good eatin' before a good pirate treasure hunt! Argh!

After the Captain and his crew filled their bellies, we all set off aboard our pirate ships in search of buried treasure. Pirates always be likin' buried treasure, of course!

Aye, the ships be movin' fast in pursuit of riches and fame! If ye look closely maties, you'll see that Captain Craig was flying his pirate colors along the front mast. Avast there!

Keep a weather eye on the Captain!

Past turtle rock...  
...around Rabbit point...
and then we've arrived at Pantai Kerachut (turtle beach for all ye non-Bahasa Melayu speakin' pirates, oy!). In case ye be wonderin', the beach is so named for the green turtles that be makin' their nests here. They're protected over yonder - well out of reach from diggin' pirates that's certain.

Now time to search for that wonderful dream of all good pirates! Aye, buried treasure, maties!

Here the whole crew be helpin' with the labors. Aye! Buried treasure be found on Pantai Kerachut!!

Ah, nothin' like diggin' for treasure to make a good pirate hungry! Good thing we brought the galley with us! Avast there, pass the chips, matie!

Finally, the pirate crew helped celebrate Captain Craig's birthday with the presentation of loot, er, gifts. Aye, 'twas a good crew that brought these celebratory offerings. Even Captain Hook would be moved!

Argh! 'Twas a fine day for bein' a pirate! Special thanks to the captain's mum, Jennifer. She be puttin' together a nice party for the cap'n every year, but this year she be raisin' the stardard a bit higher to be sure. Aye, she's a great pirate mum!



  1. Love this post... Especially the narration. Looks like a fun party :-) wish we could have been there!

  2. Seriously adorable party, pirate, and pirate Mum! Love the post!