Friday, October 21, 2011

Harry Potter and the Halloween Disco

Another spooky October has come around, and Jennifer is still putting on Halloween parties. This year, she put on the annual St. Christopher's Halloween Disco, which is the result of weeks of planning and effort from Jennifer and her PTC staff.

With his wand at the ready, here is Craig dressed as Harry Potter. For the past few weeks, he only watched Harry Potter movies, played with his Harry Potter Legos, and asked Jennifer to draw a Harry Potter scar on his head. Grandma Jessop sent him the Hogwarts patch and Jennifer found a tailor who made the robe. Grandma Julene helped with the official Gryffindor necktie.

Here is Craig at his school with two of his best friends, Willa (on the left) and Liam (on the right). The kids all had a great time dressing in costume, going trick or treating at their classrooms, eating pizza, visiting the Haunted Beauty Parlor, or dancing the monster mash in the disco.

New to the St. Christopher's Halloween Disco is Trick or Treating. Jennifer thought it would be fun for the kids to knock on their classroom doors and have their teachers pass out candy. Well, anything that involves candy is a hit with the kids, but the teachers also loved seeing their students in costume and many of them stopped to pose for a photo or two.

The Haunted Beauty Parlor was also new this year. Parents volunteered to paint nails spooky colors or help children stamp on haunted temporary tatoos. The parlor was packed the entire time as the kids embellished their costumes with additional spashes of flair.

The Halloween Disco was haunted this year by ghosts! Don't worry, they just wanted to join in all the dancing fun in the hall where the kids boogied to Halloween classics like "Thriller" and "Purple People Eater".

This year's Halloween Disco was attended by about twice as many people than was expected. Everyone learned from Jennifer's Food and Fun Fair that she and her team know how to put on a good show! The party lasted two hours, but everyone was having such a great time that they ended up arriving early and leaving late! Jennifer worked really hard, and the party was incredible.

He's too cute, so here are a few extra pictures of Craig in his Halloween Costume.

"Expecto Patronum!" Or as Craig says, "Expecto Patronum Maximus!"

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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  1. Looks like a great party! And Craigy's costume turned out SO CUTE!!! He looks so grown up dressed as Harry Potter! Did he get the "maximus" addition to the spell from Uncle Russ? Miss you guys!