Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Joseph Lister and the Eye of the Tiger

So, what does Joseph Lister and Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" have in common? Well, ask Craig and he can tell you!

This term, Craig is learning about health and wellness at school. He has learned that we need to exercise and eat healthy. To help show off what he's learned, his class did a "sharing assembly" a few weeks ago at school. All of the children in Craig's class performed for the other Key Stage 1 students (about 100 other children). His class dressed in their exercise gear, which included headbands made by the class mum (Jennifer), and an exercise shirt. Jennifer asked Craig what exercise shirt he wanted to wear, and he picked his old Laveen Soccer t-shirt. Click the arrow in the picture below to see Craig do a workout routine to "Eye of the Tiger". Watch for the "tiger face" he does!

Craig has also learned the importance of being clean and killing germs. He learned about Joseph Lister, a British doctor who was a pioneer of antiseptic surgery. Joseph Lister promoted the idea of using carbolic acid to sterilze wounds, surgical instruments, and bandages to help prevent the spread of infectious germs. While planning for the performance, Craig's teacher asked him if he would like to be part of the "bug busters", to which he replied "I want to be Joseph Lister". How can anyone resist when a six year old child requests a role so firmly? Well, his demands were met! Here is Craig in his top hat and cape performing as Joseph Lister. Click the arrow to watch the video.

To close each sharing assembly, the children all sing the school song, "We Are the Children of St. Christopher's". Pay close attention and you'll hear proof that Craig attends a British school. If you are an astute scholar of LDS hymns you may recognize the tune by George F. Root. Click the arrow to watch the video.

We sure are proud of our little boy!!


  1. What a cutie!!! Loved his dance and tiger face. Also he did a fantastic job as the list guy. Great performer!

  2. He's darling! A natural performer! I wonder where he gets that from?