Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Water Temple

If you've read our other posts about Bali you've probably figured out that Bali has many thousands of temples. This is the last temple from our visit last October. As we drove up to it, Craig complained "not another temple!" But, the Water Temple turned out to be one of his favorites! Here we are standing in front of a doorway to the outer courtyard in our sarongs. Sarongs and sashes are required for adults, but kids can wear normal clothes inside a temple.

The Water Temple was built around a freshwater spring. The cool, crystal clear flowing waters are considered a miracle by the locals, and they're right. Finding a clean source of cold water in the middle of the jungle is a miracle indeed!

The water is used for holy cleansing. Worshippers will get into the water and wash themselves under each one of the fountains below.

After a long day visiting volcanoes and doing some shopping, tourists can also find refreshment to their tired feet by wading into the water.

Temple patrons also come here to pray and bring offerings. They carry the offerings in large baskets on their heads and leave them in front of the temple altars. The offerings are usually fruits and incense with some decorative leaves woven in.

Here is the main temple sanctuary where patrons come to pray.

In Bali, temple attendance is a family affair. The women typically wear a kebaya with a sarong. The men wear a sarong with a regular shirt, and apron, and a batik headband.

No temple is complete without guardian statues. Craig found a set of tigers guarding this altar. He learned to make tiger hands during his class presentation at school.

In Bali, there is no specific day of worship. Instead, villages will arrange temple trips via bus periodically. These young ladies are wearing the traditional colors of their village while visiting the Water Temple.

Part of the temple housed a large coy fish pond. Feeding these over-sized goldfish is one of Craig's favorite activities!

Here we are next to the holy water fountains. The Water Temple was like a cool oasis, and gave us a much needed break from the sweltering hot air in other parts of the jungle.

Even Craig was happy to visit another temple!

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